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I have also been watching a lot of TV. Well I never stop watching TV. I am glad I was born in a time of TV cuz I don’t know how I would have functioned without it. I am still very much a classic TV watcher as I still like to watch shows when they are on. Not that I don’t utilize all the other ways programming are made available; PVR, Netflix, On-Demand, and so forth. But I still get some satisfaction in sitting down at 8 pm and watching the first airing of a show. I like the anxiety caused by cliffhangers, having to wait til the next episode, and the satisfaction when you see the next show. So good. What annoys me about being an actual TV watcher is that no one else I know is. I can’t talk to people about a show until they get around to watching the episodes. With all that said some of the following is not actually on TV or currently on TV. So yeah I am full of hypocrisy. Anyways, where should I start? On tv? Netflix? No on TV? Actually that seems like a good order.


I like Will Forte, When he commits to something, he commits, making his style of humour hilarious to me. He was great on SNL, that MacGruber movie ended up being really funny, him as the voice of Abe on “Clone High” was awesome, and he has done a whole bunch of other random things. So when I saw that they gave him a show I was really excited. Good news, this show works. The title gives you the premise of the show and you think there wouldn’t be much to go on but they make it work. I must admit that the first episode was funny but got pretty dark. It was good though. I have been watching ever since and I enjoy it. Some people started harping on it a few episodes in but like with any show not every episode is the greatest. There is always a laugh or 2 to be had. Give it a watch I think you will enjoy it.

I seriously can’t believe I haven’t talked about this show yet. I watched it a while ago and really liked it. It is a show about these 2 damaged, horrible people who get together and somehow make each other better. You really end up liking them. This is also one of those shows where the supporting characters steal the show despite how great/horrible the main characters are. The 2 best friends are to die for. They should have their own show, really. This show is dirty, vulgar, and pretty hot. It may not be for everyone but I would give it a shot if I were you.

This show actually comes on before¬†You’re the Worst on FX and it is also great on so many levels. It is about two people who are married. They have built a life together but it isn’t the greatest putting a burden on their relationship and it is showing. But what I love about this is the subtle ways they show their love and the ridiculous things they do for each other. Married or not, you will enjoy this show.

This is another show about a married couple who are trying to stay together. They are drifting apart and they know it but can’t seem to talk to each other about it. Their life outside of each other is getting in the way, and they are not trying very hard to stay together besides going through the motions. The show is funny, sad, uplifting, and heartbreaking. The writing is just very smart and the acting is superb. Watch it.


Well I am happy to say Season 4 was good. I still liked season 3 better but at least the writing didn’t fail again like in season 2. Everyone one is moving through their lives and realizing that things can’t stay the same and have to change whether they want to or not. Marnie is still the worst; WORST! But besides that I am going to continue watching this show.


So this show was recommended to me by one of the guys at work and lucky for him it came on right after “Girls” so I said to myself, “what the heck?” I am glad I gave it a shot cuz it is pretty good. This was season 2 of the show about 3 friends and the people around them in San Francisco. They are super gay but not complete stereotypes; one’s a game designer, one’s a chef (who used to be married to a woman), and one’s an artist. Sure there are some flamboyant characters, cuz those people exist, and glitter, and boas, but that is just cuz that makes life better. I do have to go back and watch season 1. Sadly I found out that the show got cancelled. I was looking forward to more of it. Watch the 2 seasons though.


This animated show from Netflix is one of the weirdest, funniest things I have ever watched. It is about BoJack Horseman, a horse, who was part of an incredibly successful 80s sitcom. He still has money but his career has petered out. It is set in this half talking animal half human world in modern times with great references to the 80s and 90s and the general state of our current society. It is smart, witty, and fast paced. Watch it now! FYI, I know it is animated but it is not for kids. Seriously, not for kids. I hope they do a season 2, it would be great.


Here is another hilarious show from Netflix. Kimmy Schmidt has been stuck underground for 15 years believing that the world has ended until her fellow cult members are found and released. She has to start a life in a world she doesn’t know. And it is great. She is so positive and strong willed that it can’t not be funny. And the people she builds he new life with just add to it. Its pretty awesome. Definately give this one a go.

Not on TV

Ok I don’t have to tell you how much I love The X-Files cuz I have told you about that before. Well when the news came that there would be new episodes, I was ecstatic. Sure there were gonna be some new agents but Mulder would be back, Scully would be back, Skinner would be back! Pure awesomeness! What other excuse would I need to re-watch the show? Soon after I found a post online about the best episodes from the show (which for some reason includes “Drive”. As if!) but there was a link to a pod cast about the show.

It is hosted by Kumail Nanjiani, whose name i didn’t recognize at first, I thought it was just something that a random dude was doing. But as soon as I heard his voice I was like, “Its that guy from Silicon Valley!” And he is. Dude is hilarious with his deadpan humour. Anyways, this is the first pod cast that I have ever listened to that I enjoy. He just really likes the show and tells stories about his memories of watching the show, pulls up old message boards to find out what people were thinking about it at the time, ratings, and all kinds of stuff. Its a great pod cast and it is making the re-watching of the show even more enjoyable. It also is articulating all the things I love about the show. I’m already halfway through season 2! Just watch The X-Files¬†sure some of it is dated, it started in 1993, but the story and the acting, it holds up. SO GOOD! It is available on Netflix but I am hard core and watching my DVDs. BOOSH!

Yes I have been watching more of the small screen than that but this is the important stuff, for now. Happy viewing!


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