Not sure Yet

Not Sure Yet Last weekend, with much fanfare and anticipation, “Star Trek Discovery” premiered. Before the first 2 episodes of the show aired, quite a few of my friends were adamant… …more

Real or Made-up?

Real or Made-Up? When I was a kid I was intrigued by makeup. I would stand by my mother, her hair in curlers as she applied powders, creams, and colours, getting ready for the day. I wanted to do the same. Despite dabbing a little lipstick on my lips and… …more

Best of the Worst

Best of the Worst As a movie goer and avid comic reader, it has been clear to me for a long time that there is a problem with the DC cinematic universe. Since the horrendous Batman Forever where producers insisted on veering away from the dark humour that is Tim… …more

Film Analysis

So I have had a pretty boring day at work today. Things are slow, it is raining, and everyone just seems to be a bit lethargic. Maybe they are recovering from their epic weekends. Because of this, I have been perusing the interwebs and fallen into watching film analysis videos. As a person who loves… …more

Beautifully Bland

Beautifully Bland A problem that seems prevalent in a world where the technology is advancing faster than people learning how to properly utilise it, is that you get absolutely beautiful films rich in colour, texture, and wonder that lack story, intensity, and gravitas. The films often fall flat… …more

An Argument Against Binge Watching

An Argument Against Binge Watching With the advent of easily acquired content people tend to binge on visual media. Specifically TV shows and sometimes movie franchises. People will sit for 10 or 15 hours straight watching the new season of a show… …more

Perfect End

Perfect End I am going to start by saying this is a review of Logan and there will be spoilers. This hasn’t been an issue for a long time since I have been excessively lackadaisical about posting my reviews. But since the movie just came out on Friday… …more

We’ve still got nothing in Common

We’ve still got nothing in Common A Retro Review I had never seen Breakfast At Tiffany’s until recently and I gotta say I didn’t like it. Sacrilege! I know. It is a movie that has been praised for being a… …more

Christmas in NYC

Over this past Christmas I went for a short, pleasant trip across the border to New York. Well, really, New Jersey but New York was just a train ride away. I have been to the Big Apple many times in my life as my aunt lives there and growing up it was an excuse… …more

Going Rogue

Going Rogue On a cold, dreary, Friday the 13th, the second Friday of 2017, I am sitting at work waiting. Waiting for people to finish their job so I can begin mine. I am running out of ways to look busy while everyone else around me looks to be swamped. I flip… …more

Ice and Sparkle

This Christmas Toronto and the surrounding areas were “treated” to an ice storm. There were power outages, dangerous driving conditions, and fridgid weather. I was luckier than some in that I managed to stay warm, made it to my destinations safely, and my lights did not go out. Even though many did have an… …more

What I have watched in recent-ish times

This year I have been absolutely horrible with keeping you up-to-date on my movie viewing. It is a combination of binge watching (Thanks NetFlix), being busy, and laziness. I have only given you my opinion of a small handfull of the movies I have been watching. Yes it is true that some are new (or……read more

I’m gonna make it there

This morning I woke up to this Snowing, -12, with the windchill of -21 degrees Celsius. It was not inviting at all. But alas I was forced to shower, dress, and go out in this. I really shouldn’t complain, I went… …more


I know I haven’t posted anything in the last couple weeks, not even my nails. The thing is it is not that I haven’t done my nails it is that I didn’t like them or waited too long to take a pic and they were all chipped making them an improper representation of what the……read more

Not a total waste

On Sunday I spent a lot of my day doing my nails. Picking colours, deciding on a design, figuring out just how to accomplish this work of art, one handed. It can be a surprisingly long process even before the paint touches the nails. Sometimes it is “easy” as I know what I want to……read more

The Game has Ended

About 2 years ago I was having a discussion about books with a colleague of mine. She was shocked that even though I liked Sci-Fi (TV and movies) I didn’t read a lot of sci-fi. It has something to do with the dryness of the overall writing styles and I could not properly get into……read more


Last night I was frustrated at the fact that I hadn’t done my nails for weeks. WEEKS! How is it possible with all the nail polish I own and all the nothing that I do that I haven’t done my nails for weeks. Who knows? The lethargy is taking over my life. But last… …more

Eyes wide open

I lied. A few weeks ago I said I would be catching up on all the activities that I partook in this summer but sadly, so far, I have only done 1 post where I should have done about 10, or at least 4, by now. I have failed you and myself… …more

It’s a hoot

For some reason I am in a really bad mood today. I am upset and I feel like everyone is yelling at me. I have to consciously remind myself that it is me not them. No flipping out, no swearing, no telling them to go to hell. I really want to though. Maybe I should……read more

No, I didn’t Dress up

On August 25, as I have done for most of the last 8 years, I went to FanExpo. It is always fun to go and rub elbows with the geek royalty, hardcore nerds, and painted people that always leaves you wondering where that red/blue/green/yellow stain on your pants, shirt, or skin comes from. I… …more