Comfort Food

When life is hard, I have a habit of wanting to go back to a simpler time, when things were easy. When smiles, laughter, contentment didn’t have to be worked for and nothing was in the way of just enjoying life. The thing that allows me to do that, in the most economical way, is…read more

Simple Premise, Hard to Explain

I have been staring at a blank page for about half an hour trying to figure out how to write about the show High Maintenance. It is not an easy show to convey even though it has a pretty simple premise. IMDB put it most succinctly: A comedy that explores the private lives of unique New…read more

Bird Course

Friends From College is a show with a simple premise; you follow the shenanigans of a group of 6 close friends that have known each other since college and the people around them that interact with this friendship. The second season of the show came out early this year to little/no fanfare (none that I saw anyways)……read more

What have I learned

I first heard about the Netflix show Sex Education simply because Gillian Anderson was in it and my friends thought I should know because of my “obsession” with The X-Files. I read a synopsis of the show which sounded a little silly, kinda run of the mill, but there was definitely a possibility of fun……read more

Are Diamonds Forever?

Do you want to know why most men believe they need to spend 2-3 months salary on an engagement ring and why some women still believe they should hold their would-be husbands to that standard? Well, you can blame De Beers. Before the late 1930’s relatively few people bought diamond engagement rings. People… …more

Cracks in the Glass

Last weekend I went out to the theatre to see a movie. It had been a month and a half since I’d had the pleasure of fold down chairs, loud chewers, and the smell of stale popcorn. My friend and I showed up without having decided what we were going to see as it was……read more

What’s going on

Over the last, almost, year and a half, life seems to have run away from me. Not because I was doing so much but really because I could do so little. I have gone through some things in the last while that have made it difficult for me to create and articulate. But in recent times I……read more

Not sure Yet

Not Sure Yet Last weekend, with much fanfare and anticipation, “Star Trek Discovery” premiered. Before the first 2 episodes of the show aired, quite a few of my friends were adamant in finding out what my… …more

Real or Made-up?

Real or Made-Up? When I was a kid I was intrigued by makeup. I would stand by my mother, her hair in curlers as she applied powders, creams, and colours, getting ready for the day. I wanted to do the same. Despite dabbing a little lipstick on my lips and brushing a… …more

Best of the Worst

Best of the Worst As a movie goer and avid comic reader, it has been clear to me for a long time that there is a problem with the DC cinematic universe. Since the horrendous Batman Forever where producers insisted on veering away from the dark humour that is Tim Burton, they… …more

Oh, Kevin Smith, how I’ve missed you.

Zack and Miri Make a Porno If you are offended by swearing, nudity, stereotypes, and poop then this is not the movie for you. But if you are entertained by any of that then you will love it. Kevin Smith has made a great movie. It is vulgar, hilarious, and sweet all at… …more

Recommended Reading

Breakfast of Champions by Kurt Vonnegut: Vonnegut is simply a literary genius. The story is strange, fun, and simply interesting. He makes you invest in and care about his characters no matter how odd they may be. He also tells the story as an old man would his grand children. There are detours and side……read more

I Knew It!

A correspondence between friends. The other day I got this forward from Cory and this is what happened. Subject: My Resimay… To: Nel; Tra From: Cory Date: Thu, 23 Oct 2008 09:08:48 -0400 My Resimay To hoom it mae cunsern, I waunt to apply for the job what I saw… …more

Can Money Buy Happiness?

I was listening to the radio today, yes some people still use that outdated technology, and they were talking about if money does buy you happiness. There was a survey done in the States by some university that wanted to find the answer to that question and the results pointed to yes. In Households that……read more


… Screaming. Why is there always screaming? I am keenly aware of how early I have been up today and all the days leading up to it. The chaos is doing all kinds of mind warping things to me. I can hear one of our assistants, Elan, yelling to the frigid molecules in the… …more

Writers Block?

What can I say? When we started out with the idea of a blog it was great, like we had so much to say although when it comes right down to writing it. I can’t. I try to think of things that have some importance or semblance of sanity but am I trying to hard?……read more

It’s learned Pepe, learned.

Mad as a Hatter It refers to the effects of mercury poisoning to hat makers in the 1800s. A mercury solution was commonly used to turn fur into felt so they were constantly inhaling the fumes. Some of the symptoms included the shakes, loss of coordination, loss of memory, and anxiety which made people seem……read more

Recommended Reading

Monkey Beach by Eden Robinson: Soulful, Wistful and emotionally charged. This book is an alternate coming of age story propelled by loss and redeemed by love with every other range of human emotion in between. Superbly written, it is perhaps one of the very few books that actually explores the idea of growing up as……read more

It’s a Pain Alright.

Max Payne I don’t know what made me think this was going to be a good movie. Video game movies have a horrible track record of being complete crap. There is a long list of these movies including Resident Evil, Street Fighter, and Doom. This movie didn’t fail to disappoint. For those of… …more

Look Out For This!

Renowned designer Emanuel Ungaro and Breakout Indian Glam Designer Manish Arora have designed individual colour palettes for Mac. There are some beautiful colours. There’s an eye shadow palette from Manish boasts the fiercest, brighter than bright colours that can instantly make your peepers the envy of all the other b*tches around your block. And Ungaro’s……read more