Not sure Yet

Not Sure Yet Last weekend, with much fanfare and anticipation, “Star Trek Discovery” premiered. Before the first 2 episodes of the show aired, quite a few of my friends were adamant… …more

Real or Made-up?

Real or Made-Up? When I was a kid I was intrigued by makeup. I would stand by my mother, her hair in curlers as she applied powders, creams, and colours, getting ready for the day. I wanted to do the same. Despite dabbing a little lipstick on my lips and… …more

Best of the Worst

Best of the Worst As a movie goer and avid comic reader, it has been clear to me for a long time that there is a problem with the DC cinematic universe. Since the horrendous Batman Forever where producers insisted on veering away from the dark humour that is Tim… …more

Film Analysis

So I have had a pretty boring day at work today. Things are slow, it is raining, and everyone just seems to be a bit lethargic. Maybe they are recovering from their epic weekends. Because of this, I have been perusing the interwebs and fallen into watching film analysis videos. As a person who loves… …more

Beautifully Bland

Beautifully Bland A problem that seems prevalent in a world where the technology is advancing faster than people learning how to properly utilise it, is that you get absolutely beautiful films rich in colour, texture, and wonder that lack story, intensity, and gravitas. The films often fall flat… …more

An Argument Against Binge Watching

An Argument Against Binge Watching With the advent of easily acquired content people tend to binge on visual media. Specifically TV shows and sometimes movie franchises. People will sit for 10 or 15 hours straight watching the new season of a show… …more

Perfect End

Perfect End I am going to start by saying this is a review of Logan and there will be spoilers. This hasn’t been an issue for a long time since I have been excessively lackadaisical about posting my reviews. But since the movie just came out on Friday… …more

We’ve still got nothing in Common

We’ve still got nothing in Common A Retro Review I had never seen Breakfast At Tiffany’s until recently and I gotta say I didn’t like it. Sacrilege! I know. It is a movie that has been praised for being a… …more

Christmas in NYC

Over this past Christmas I went for a short, pleasant trip across the border to New York. Well, really, New Jersey but New York was just a train ride away. I have been to the Big Apple many times in my life as my aunt lives there and growing up it was an excuse… …more

Going Rogue

Going Rogue On a cold, dreary, Friday the 13th, the second Friday of 2017, I am sitting at work waiting. Waiting for people to finish their job so I can begin mine. I am running out of ways to look busy while everyone else around me looks to be swamped. I flip… …more

Quantum of Solace

This movie has the stupidest title since Never Say Never Again (if you count that one) but has the best story since, well, the last one. Now there are many reviewers out there that don’t seem to like the film. I am really not sure why. There are good action sequences, ok plot, fair… …more

A Little Random

Just listen. Voice mail I hope you enjoyed that. Nel… …more

Poetry Corner

So, sometimes people question me as to whether Cory or Tra are as talented as I say or they just poseur hacks. To them I say, “Not really, ask me again in a few minutes …” However, time and time again when I have thought about why exactly I think they are so talented… …more

Oh, Kevin Smith, how I’ve missed you.

Zack and Miri Make a Porno If you are offended by swearing, nudity, stereotypes, and poop then this is not the movie for you. But if you are entertained by any of that then you will love it. Kevin Smith has made a great movie. It is vulgar, hilarious, and sweet all at… …more

Recommended Reading

Breakfast of Champions by Kurt Vonnegut: Vonnegut is simply a literary genius. The story is strange, fun, and simply interesting. He makes you invest in and care about his characters no matter how odd they may be. He also tells the story as an old man would his grand children. There are detours and side……read more

I Knew It!

A correspondence between friends. The other day I got this forward from Cory and this is what happened. Subject: My Resimay… To: Nel; Tra From: Cory Date: Thu, 23 Oct 2008 09:08:48 -0400 My Resimay To hoom it mae cunsern, I waunt to apply for the job what I saw… …more

Can Money Buy Happiness?

I was listening to the radio today, yes some people still use that outdated technology, and they were talking about if money does buy you happiness. There was a survey done in the States by some university that wanted to find the answer to that question and the results pointed to yes. In Households that……read more


… Screaming. Why is there always screaming? I am keenly aware of how early I have been up today and all the days leading up to it. The chaos is doing all kinds of mind warping things to me. I can hear one of our assistants, Elan, yelling to the frigid molecules in the… …more

Writers Block?

What can I say? When we started out with the idea of a blog it was great, like we had so much to say although when it comes right down to writing it. I can’t. I try to think of things that have some importance or semblance of sanity but am I trying to hard?……read more

It’s learned Pepe, learned.

Mad as a Hatter It refers to the effects of mercury poisoning to hat makers in the 1800s. A mercury solution was commonly used to turn fur into felt so they were constantly inhaling the fumes. Some of the symptoms included the shakes, loss of coordination, loss of memory, and anxiety which made people seem……read more