I’m Done

I don’t know why I do it. Over and over on a Tuesday night I sit and watch or listen to Fringe. I am simply torturing myself. I think my problem is that I have been hoping for a replacement for The X-Files and trust me this is not working.

Nothing can replace The X-Files. It was a great show (ignore seasons 8 and 9) that was fun, interesting, complex, and scary. All this was mashed together evenly with fascinating characters and great plot. But something needs to fill the space that was left by that show ending. I am sick of all these cop/lawyer/CSI/medical dramas that are out there.

Fringe is 10 episodes in. I keep tuning in hoping, wishing, that something would happen on the show that doesn’t make me laugh. I have watched killer butterflies, rapid growth babies, electro-shock into other people’s minds, a giant metal suppository, and other ridiculous things. It is sadly amusing but not particularly interesting or intriguing.

JJ Abrams has been worked up to be this great thinker in the world of TV and film but he has yet to impress me. I must admit that I have never watched a whole episode of Lost. I just haven’t had any interest to. I see promos and I have made metal notes to tune in but when the time comes I shrug and move on. I once did look at it for about 10 minutes or so but got so bored to tears that I just tuned out and clicked away.

I did watch Cloverfield which at first seemed like a great movie. It was exciting, action packed, and intense. But after walking away and letting it sink in so many things were glaringly bad about the film. Things like the continually changing proportions of the monster, the amazing camcorder that survived everything possible, and the holes in an already incomplete story. He seems to have a lot of flash to blind you at first but then the real picture clears and you see if for what it really is.

I have so many reservations about the upcoming Star Trek movie. After seeing the trailer I was extremely saddened. Many people are looking for this to be a great movie to re-energize the Star Trek franchise. But the casting is horrible, except for Simon Pegg, and the bits of dialogue available just sound laughable. The only thing that looks good is the graphics. I have to say the man is good at visuals.

The only reason I think the show is still on is because there is nothing opposing it. It is on Tuesday nights. A forgotten night of the TV week where things come and go but no one notices. Fringe has been left there because it is too much trouble to find something to replace it. I am done. I think I may have been the only one watching it.


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