Guess who won the oscar pool

You’re wrong. It wasn’t me. I got like 60% right. I have no idea about the documentary categories. The only one I saw for the year was Exit Through th Gift Shop. It was awesome but it didn’t win. I didn’t know about the short films either but I did pick God of Love correctly.

I did watch the whole award show, for the first time in years, on the weekend. I was bored like I expected to be. It lacked a lot of the (cheesy) pizazz that goes with big dance numbers and outlandish performances. And I am not going to rail on about how bad the hosts were, that has been done to death by all the other news outlets and bloggers. It makes me like James Franco a little less unfortunately but whatevs.

The red carpet fashion was…boring. Nothing was truly hideous or particularly stunning. Everyone looked good for the most part. The only person that stands out is Cate Blanchett.

This Givenchy Couture creation is strange and unflattering. It is oddly beaded and has what looks like fungus on a bath mat on the back but she is the only one that took a bit of a risk. I give her kudos for it, for at least trying something, for doing something just different enough. I miss the days where people would show up in outlandish getups or  complete atrocities. At least then you really had something to talk about.

One persons look I really did love was Hailee Steinfeld.

She looked beautiful. She pulled of the princess-look perfectly with out seeming pretentious. This Marchesa dress wasn’t overdone and completely age appropriate. Her styling was just right keeping her from looking old but not childish either. I really wish she won the Best Supporting Actress Oscar. But she is young she has time to get nominated again.

That’s it. That’s all I really have to say about it. It was very blah.


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