Graphic novels

In the last little while I have been trying my best to avoid the comic book store. It just gets to be too expensive. I walk in there thinking I am here for one things, until I reach the door I am focused on my specific task. But then I open the door and I… ...more

Watching, looking, listening

Summer in Toronto this year hasn’t been particularly great. It has been cool (as in temp), rainy, and generally over cast. This is bad for BBQ’s (a couple I was invited to had to be cancelled), street festivals, and picnics. On days that were good, like today – blue skys and sunshine, I managed to… ...more

Better late than never

I tend to start writing articles and not finish them. I get interrupted, lose my train of thought, and never get back to it. I was going through them today and there is some interesting things in there that I thought I should still share.


Complaining and More

There is something wrong with me. I am on vacation and I am hating it. I seem to have turned into one of those people that does nothing but bitch and moan about men. Actually about the lack of men in my life. I don’t know I think I am just lonely. I have spent… ...more

Apparently I don’t Know How

I worked in a bookstore for 4 years in my early twenties while I was going to school. This is where I developed my love of reading. Before that job I actually used to boast that, despite my literacy, I made it through high school without reading a book. But when you are surrounded by… ...more

What’s been happening

Nothing particularly exciting actually. My life has gotten somewhat lame as I live vicariously through the stories that others tell me. Everything I have been doing has been quite… sedentary. I may be turning into dust. Anyways, where should I start?

Books is a good a place as any. I have to say I have… ...more

And that is why

Even though I love comics and collectibles I have been avoiding stores with said merchandise for a long time. But this weekend while out running errands I wondered into The Silver Snail. At first I stopped myself, stood out side the store contemplating my decision to go in. There was a comic I had heard about that I was… ...more