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This movie has a theme that doesn’t allow people to say bad things about it. It is just kind of a rule. But to tell you the truth the movie isn’t that good. There are parts that are shocking but that’s about it. Defiance is a movie about a group of Jewish people hiding… …more

Trailer Interrupted

Mr I-think-its-ok-to-name-someone-Mr.Cake
Mr Cakes-and-clocks-don’t-mix
Mr My-birth-scene-looks-like-The-Omen
Mr My-daddy-abandoned-me-cuz-I-was-an-ugly-baby

The Curious Case of Why Benjamin is Overrated

Dear Benjamin, I know you must be moping around that you have remained largely ignored thus far in the awards race. I just wanted to let you know that it’s not because we hate you, because we don’t, it’s just that you are kind of overrated. I mean in comparison to you, a relatively… …more

Guilty Pleasures – Movie Edition

I love movies and for me there is no real guilty pleasure in watching a movie that I like. But I have to say when I admit to watching and liking some of these I am ridiculed by some of my “friends”. But I didn’t go to the movies this week and I had to……read more

What’s the exchange rate?

Slumdog Millionaire Even though it was a whole day and a second late, my 2009 movie watching has started on the right foot. I am glad I convinced myself not to waste my time and money on, what I hear, is a horrible movie. I may still go see The Spirit at some point… …more

It Was nice to have met you

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button In the last few weeks I haven’t written any movie reviews. This isn’t because I haven’t seen any movies but because there was nothing that I have seen that moved me to write one. The movies I have seen in the last while have been either mediocre or… …more

I’m Done

I don’t know why I do it. Over and over on a Tuesday night I sit and watch or listen to Fringe. I am simply torturing myself. I think my problem is that I have been hoping for a replacement for The X-Files and trust… …more

Quantum of Solace

This movie has the stupidest title since Never Say Never Again (if you count that one) but has the best story since, well, the last one. Now there are many reviewers out there that don’t seem to like the film. I am really not sure why. There are good action sequences, ok plot, fair… …more

Oh, Kevin Smith, how I’ve missed you.

Zack and Miri Make a Porno If you are offended by swearing, nudity, stereotypes, and poop then this is not the movie for you. But if you are entertained by any of that then you will love it. Kevin Smith has made a great movie. It is vulgar, hilarious, and sweet all at… …more

It’s a Pain Alright.

Max Payne I don’t know what made me think this was going to be a good movie. Video game movies have a horrible track record of being complete crap. There is a long list of these movies including Resident Evil, Street Fighter, and Doom. This movie didn’t fail to disappoint. For those of… …more