Sorry to have left you so long with that last post. I know it wasn’t uplifting or particularly fun but it had to be said. As predicted I did get calls from friends, even visits, insisting that what I said isn’t true but (there is always a but) I should try to wear more fitted… ...more

I am awake?

So it’s 12:46 am and I have to wake up in about 6 hours but I am not sleepy at all. I am sitting here being destracted by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon as I try to write this. They are showing a bunch of his musical bits. Right now it is The Doors

Well Hello There

I don’t know where to start this exactly cuz I have been keeping myself quite busy the last little while hence the lack of posting. Actually that means I should be posting more because I would have more things to write about, right?

I partook in the annual art-fest known as Nuit Blanche on… ...more

It didn’t take a month

Only 3 weeks!

I have been up to a lot in those weeks. I absorbed some culture, saw some lame crap, went on a short trip to reconnect with friends, became a jock, and saw some thankfully awesome flickering lights.

I will start with the culture bit.

It’s not obscene IT’S ART!

Was it art or just wondering around in the dark? A blow by blow account.

This weekend in our fine city Toronto was the art festival –Nuit Blanche. The evening started off with an easy ride from the burbs to the downtown core where it suddenly went to hell with road closures and blockades… ...more