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Summer’s Over pt3

Along with PanAm came a lot of free shows, activities, and concerts throughout the city. Because of the mass crowds I didn’t try very hard to get to any of these shows. Except 1. The Roots put on a show at Nathan Phillip Square and I just had to be there. It was a… …more

Ahhh….ya know

Stuff. That is what I have been up to. Nothing overly exciting or extravagant or mind blowing. The last few weeks have been me getting on with things and just doing stuff. In all the time since I last posted I only did my nails once. I am very disappointed in myself about… …more

Watching, looking, listening

Summer in Toronto this year hasn’t been particularly great. It has been cool (as in temp), rainy, and generally over cast. This is bad for BBQ’s (a couple I was invited to had to be cancelled), street festivals, and picnics. On days that were good, like today – blue skys and sunshine, I managed to……read more

Better late than never

I tend to start writing articles and not finish them. I get interrupted, lose my train of thought, and never get back to it. I was going through them today and there is some interesting things in there that I thought I should still share. X-Files …more

New-ish Music

A little while ago I decided that my music collection needed something new. I went out to the local music repository and bought, yes with hard earned cash (plastic counts, right?), some CDs. I know it is an archaic medium now but every once in a while I like something tangible to show that I……read more

It’s a hoot

For some reason I am in a really bad mood today. I am upset and I feel like everyone is yelling at me. I have to consciously remind myself that it is me not them. No flipping out, no swearing, no telling them to go to hell. I really want to though. Maybe I should……read more

Crazy Week

So, this past week was a bit insane. There was a lot of bad and a lot of good happening and all of it together made it really hard to get anything done. This means both at work and at home. We’ll start on Sunday as this is kinda important to include. I saw… …more

How could you forget?

At work I have an intern sitting beside me. He is a really nice young man but seems to lack a great deal of pop culture knowledge. I know he is only 21, which does make him part of the generation after my own, but it is shocking what he does not know. I often……read more

Music Monday

So after a lively discussion this morning about grunge music (not too sure how that started) it was deemed “Grunge Day” in our department. Which meant people sending around videos of old grunge bands. They included videos from bands I didn’t know like 7 Year Bitch and Bootsauce but other well known bands like Sloan……read more

I kept listening

I was introduced to the stylings of Lana Del Rey though her now infamous appearance on SNL in January of 2012. The next day she was billed as the worst performer ever to appear on the show and dragged through the mud by the media and everyone online for the next little while. I… …more